Retro gaming console — BITTBOY

So, I bought a retro gaming console, a BITTBOY v 3.5 from

Before buying from some unknown internet page it’s safe to check if the shop is trustworthy. There are some dedicated pages that does that, but I have relayed on Reddit users opinion. It was almost 50% cheaper than buying from local reseller, but I have to wait two weeks before it was delivered.

Console was well packaged and I have all tracking information all the way. Inside the box I found console, charging cable (mini USB), USB card reader and short manual.

So the system is based on some Linux distribution (nxHope), no need to deep dive into details right now. There is some terminal logs visible during bootup, but in my opinion it just looks awesome.

Loads games from MicroSD card (no games preloaded inside the device)

In item description there is a disclaimer that system is clear and no games are preloaded, what is not completely true. After a first boot up I was able to play Contra and some Mario adventure. It’s not a lot but for the beginning it’s enough. So if you think of buying this as a gift it’s ready to play out of the box.


The console is pretty small but it fits good in hand and could be played quite easy. In some storytelling games you can even play using one hand. Screen is really small as is console but this only adds points to its awesomeness. It could be taken for any trip. It’s lightweight and fits in any pocket.

I’m not sure exactly how long battery will last but I was able to play all day long.

System has some additional features and native Linux games preloaded. You could add your MP3 music library and use it as media player too. It’s good topic for another review.

From what I can tell now it’s a great device that’s worth its money. I bought it not only for nostalgia but also for many new games being developed for consoles like Gameboy. If only I had such device as a kid…

Just put *.gb file on SD card an enjoy the game!